Terima kasih och vi ses

Terima kasih och vi ses
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The 31st of October 2023, maybe halloween for most of the world, but for me, it marked the end to a fruitful journey with INSCALE and a final farewell to my home away from home, Malaysia, as I wrapped up work for the last time after almost six years of delivering value and innovation.

It was a journey replete with achievements and learnings while forging relationship bonds along the way. I am grateful for being part of the first Kuala Lumpur team in the investment advisory department formed five years ago, out of which, spawned several new teams supporting various deliveries today. I am exceedingly happy for the things we have accomplished in just a few years.

Working in the Scandinavian (Swedish) culture with an Asian (Malaysian) twist, encouraged an environment that fostered a high-level of collaboration, enabling great value deliveries while allowing for the right amount of work-life balance. The time I've spent in this setting were some of the best in my career and will forever be cherished.

As I take my talents to the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 . I look back, fondly, to my time with INSCALE. I reflect on the countless lessons I've learned through the years, of which a handful resonate more than others and are worthy of sharing.

On team dynamics,

Everybody wants to do good work. Some just need more handholding than others.

Each person in the team go about their work in their own ways but make sure to be available for them when they need help.

Strive to be an enabler in the team.

From investigating new capabilities to handling the most mundane tasks, remove identified blockers whenever you can so that the team can focus on value delivery.

On hiring,

Hire for attitude. Train for aptitude.

A sentiment I use for guidance when building up a team. I found that teams perform their best when they fit together culturally.

On value delivery,

Offer solutions not code.

As developers, it's easy to solve everything in code but it is beneficial to hold our horses for a moment and ask instead how best a problem can be solved for the stakeholder.

On management,

Trust is given, until it's broken.

Immortal words from our site manager that reflected a lot about how we do things in the organisation. This is very empowering to us employees, allowing us to perform to the best of our abilities.

On personal growth,

Always be doing something.

Things just add up. For as long as you are working on a transferrable skill, things will come together at the opportune moment. Keep at it.

On life,


Not too little, not too much. Strive for balance in everything.

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What now?

What's next for me I do not yet know but I look forward to it. In the meantime, I'll be happily learning children's songs and rhymes with my newborn baby daughter.

Skål! 🍻

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