Organise your thoughts and nail that interview

Organise your thoughts and nail that interview
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The job market has been quite tough as of late, making it all the more important to stand out amongst the crowd

While getting that first call from the hiring company is a big hurdle in and of itself, actually getting a chance to detail your qualifications and experiences, that's both engaging and relatable is a different challenge altogether. You wouldn't want to go to an interview with your thoughts all over the place. You would want to put your best foot forward by offering well thought out answers.

Fortunately, with adequate preparation, this can be easily overcome. A helpful document that I've used throughout the years, called the Job Interview One-Sheeter, has given me a framework of sorts on how to approach an interview. It provides a tabulated list of common interview questions, underneath each of which you enumerate experiences that's relevant to the job you're interviewing for. I don't know about you, but I find it very challenging to recall all of the amazing things I've done throughout my career on the fly, so with this document, I'm able to relay those with as much specifics as I can.

Additionally, it provides an effective outline on how you can project your personality and attitude as being aligned with the hiring company's values, mission and vision. Neat!

Once those details are written down, practicing for the interview becomes much easier and less daunting. A well-prepared candidate really shows during the interview and accomplishing this document goes a long way in helping you land that job.

Leaving a lasting impression by being able to converse well during a tense setting is certainly doable with the right preparation approach. While this does not guarantee a 100% success, having a document you can refer to, to get your head together contributes greatly in boosting your chances of doing well.

So go and land that job, you rockstar!


Prepare to Ace Your Job Interview with This Interview One-Sheeter
As you know, preparation is the key to doing well on a job interview and hirers tend to ask the same kinds of questions . This job interview one-shee
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