On the streets - reflective

Highly reflective surfaces are such a boon for creative compositions. It is always a delight when I see one as it gives me an opportunity to use it to compose reflection shots.

By carefully angling the camera against the smooth surface wall, I get to adjust the extent to which I want the surroundings to be reflected. I also pre-focus on the spot where I need the subject to be. I have my camera set to back-button auto-focus which decouples the shutter button from the auto-focus thereby allowing me to focus and re-compose without changing my focus settings from auto to manual and vice versa.

Once all of these are set, I just wait for the right moment to complete the shot.

This is where the Sony A7 V1 flip-up screen shines. It allows me to blend in with the environment. It enables me to see my peripheries for oncoming traffic and other possible distractions. It also makes the waiting time bearable, not to mention there's less stress on my arms and shoulders. It can take quite a while for the right shot to manifest itself. It can also NOT HAPPEN!

When the shot does happen, it is a joy. It makes it all worth it.

Lhar Gil
Tech-savvy software developer and street photography enthusiast. Exploring the world through code and candid shots of daily life. 📸 All opinions are my own.