On the streets - in frame

On the streets - in frame

Frames manifest in a variety of ways around us. They isolate and contain scenes to help us focus on the subject.

They can be found in the traditional doorways and window panes but they can also be derived from unexpected sources.

Man going out of the office via a large two-door building.
Calling it a day

Things like columns, bounding a subject at a right angle, decorative structures, arches and, with the right timing, moving objects that can be used to obscure the majority of a given composition.

Man holding a bouquet of roses across the street just as a truck is passing by
The roses man
Three men in orange shirts and blue jeans

Yet another example are the windows blinds that, at first glance, may not be conducive as a framing device. Interestingly, a wide-open aperture coupled with a pre-focusing technique and a sprinkle of patience, the right subject can be framed exactly as you would like it.

See through
See through

The next time you take a stroll, spend some time looking around you and appreciate the different structures that you can utilize in order to create striking photographic compositions. There are virtually hundreds, if not thousands, I daresay. All you need to do is to watch out for them.

Two men talking with each other in a bench
The talk

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