Hello 2019!

Out with the old, in with the new.

An old mantra that is apt to say esp. in the first day of the new year. It tends to give one an unbridled optimism for the long year ahead (or is it the increased alcohol level that is releasing all inhibitions at this time?).

The year before has been a year of turning points in my software development career. The following are just a few highlights:

  • Became a part of a new (and bigger) company
  • Got involved in the hiring process
  • Learned a new front-end framework (Angular)
  • Resumed reading

A bigger company

I get to be with these amazing new people and it’s been great!

For a long time, I have only ever been a part of a small team. The experience was nothing short of amazing. I got to do a lot of things way more than my supposed pay-grade. I got to talk to the bosses directly. Work schedule was flexible and my external dependencies were readily available.

With the new company, it’s a whole new ball game. Suddenly, there’s a lot more people, across multiple teams, each with their own perspectives, idiosyncrasies and not even all of us are in the same time zones! It can be overwhelming at times, when I think about it, but I get to be with these amazing new people and it’s been great!

Plus, I got to travel to and be with them in a cold, cold place, Stockholm! 🙂

Hiring process involvement

It’s uncomfortable, yes.

A completely new experience that made me realize that even though I think I already know a lot, I actually know shit (pardon my French). It made me experience the imposter syndrome way too often. It’s uncomfortable, yes, but I’m liking it. It provides me doses of motivation to approach learning in a new way, not just the new stuff but also the fundamentals of things which I previously take for granted.


For a long time, I have identified myself to be a full-stack web developer with jQuery as my primary front-end weapon. Nope, there’s nothing wrong with it. It was/is a great technology to use but it had it’s day.

When I first read about modern front-end frameworks, I knew I had to learn one of them soon or risk becoming “obsolete”.

Nothing brings the urgency to do that than to be deployed to a team which makes use of it pretty heavily. I had to learn it fast and it was not difficult at all. Opinionated, true, but it gets the job done.

Reading more books

I started the year last year with an optimistic “at least one book a month” rule. I am least proud to say that I did not achieve it. I did read a few more than I did the year before. The most exciting was of course the new book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, Fire and Blood.

I am still keeping the “at least one book a month” rule this year and I will strive harder to honor it this time.

2019, let’s go!

While overall it was great, old habits were still rearing their ugly heads every now and then: Procrastination, focusing on the negative, perfectionism, among other things.

I admit that I cannot undo all these in a heartbeat but I can certainly do more stuff to minimize them from coming out. In this coming year, I intend to double my efforts into self-development. In particular,

  • Create more content (photos, videos, articles) and blog about it
  • Actually release a few side projects into the wild
  • Learn another front-end framework (Vuejs, React)
  • Read some more books
  • Learn exactly what containers are
  • Get serious with Unit testing
  • Be “a bit more okay” with UI/UX development

This is in no way the final list for this year, but as an initial, I intentionally created it to be as short and concise as possible just to make it more achievable. 😀

I look forward to this new year 2019. Bring it on!

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