An exercise in memory retention

An exercise in memory retention

Recently, I participated in a team activity that involved memorization and a trampoline.

Wait what?!

Yup, you heard that right.

Sheryl jumping in the trampoline.

The setup: two competing teams of five members each. The challenge was to hop on a trampoline for three times, "swim" across a "sea of foam" towards the end of the room then go back to the starting point.

Rehan jumping in the trampoline.

At least, that's the physical half of the challenge. The other half is more mental.

You see, while we were doing all of the above, we had to make sure to keep in memory, a message that was passed to us by the previous team member so that we would be able to pass that same message to the next. This message was first handed to me, as the first person, by the referee. I was given a minute to commit this to memory before we go off.

Shanti passes the message on to Jiok Min

What was the message, you ask?

It is very important to understand that emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence, it is not the triumph of heart over head. It is the unique intersection of both.— David Caruso

Quite a mouthful, right? It was a quote from David Caruso.

How quickly we completed the course and the number words from the message given, we were able to remember as a group, determined the winner.

And win we did! Having remembered the most words (16!) and being the fastest group to complete the course, we were declared the winner. Huzzah!

Needless to say, it was great fun! My two main takeaways were: Physical exertion coupled with a test of our mental fortitude were a unique and super enjoyable mix; another was that the more a message was passed from one person to another, the more likely it is going to change.

Jessica jumping to the foam obstacles.

Are you to the challenge and more? Head on over to the SuperPark and get moving!

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