Exciting Times

I have finally done it. After much prodding and hesitation, it has all come to this. Creating my very own photo blog was a journey of discovery, creativity and frustrations. Amazing how a seemingly simple endeavor takes a lot of your time. But along the way, it has given me valuable lessons and wonderful insights. The learning never stops indeed.

” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao-tzu

This blog showcases some of the best photographs I have made. Most of them are macro photographs, portraits and landscapes. In the future, I will be expanding this list to include a variety of other genre and creative works. I will also be documenting my continuing photography story, from the frustrations to the success moments, from the gotcha moments to the why-didn’t-I-think-of-that times. It’ll be interesting, fascinating, awe-inspiring and thought-provoking.

I have prepared several categories of photographs in my portfolio section that I would like you to check out. It’s not much at the moment, but it will grow! Please enjoy and have fun. 🙂

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